Looking for better options at a fraction of the cost?

Marshall is a small town with big-city amenities.  We have rail, roadway, large industrial sites, workforce programs, technical schools, 4-year universities, CTE programs, STEM camps, museums, arts, education, culture, etc., etc.  The difference is our cost of living is 70% of the national average.  Land prices for example are some of the lowest along I-20 in the East Texas corridor.


New Growth

It's becoming less of a secret, but Marshall is pursuing new growth, new people, new places, and diverse faces.  We value what we have, but the time has come to let others know.  The City in collaboration with Harrison County, Marshall EDC, Greater Marshall Chamber of Commerce, Marshall ISD, business leaders, civic leaders, government leaders, and the people of Mashall, Texas have spoken through the Mobilize Marshall Plan of Action.  Marshall, Texas is open to private outside investment and will engage programs and promotions to see our economy and population grow.


Jobs & Training Opportunities

There are abundant job openings in our laborshed.  Working from home has never been easier with broadband expansion in town.  We also have the training facilities, colleges, and online education networks to upgrade those skills or pursue an assortment of degrees.


Less Stress, More Diverse

New residents are arriving and finding a less stressful quality of life.  Options for a walkable downtown community are developing with demand.  Young couples are finding ways to engage and champion local initiatives that are important to them.  Families are finding out that diversity at schools is a great thing for kids' mental development.  Kids are exposed to differences and learn to respect all people while understanding that amongst differences, there is commonality.


As one of our local community promoters says:

"In Marshall, Texas, everybody is somebody."  


Contact us to learn about housing, wages, employment, laborshed detail, land prices, industrial sites, and utility costs.  It's less than you think and you get a whole lot more for it!