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Golf’s Endless Power

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Limitless Golf: The Power Of Faith

Are you familiar with the expression that “golf is ninety percent mental?” Suppose the expression is true, then why traditional golf instruction focusing entirely on body swing?

Despite technological advances in quantum devices and millions of YouTube videos on proper technique, the golfers ‘average’ struggle to break ninety. This trend has not changed significantly over the past forty years.

One explanation may be the (unconscious) belief that focusing on mistakes will eventually lead to a permanent improvement. In fact, this approach simply reinforces the belief that students are not good enough to move beyond a certain level. It’s a vicious cycle.

For most golfers once a week, tend to focus on the mistakes is automatic. Dr Karl Morris, Mind Coach Top of Europe, using the analogy of a highway. The more often you go to a specific route, the easier it will become the automatic choice. It becomes a habit. This schedule applies to our spirit as well.

Nervous system we have two basic functions; reduced conscious thoughts and avoid change. It’s easier to keep doing what we’ve always done.

We need to figure out a simple way to break the endless cycle of swing fixes a vulnerability, it is only to be replaced by one. The ultimate goal is to unlock your true potential beyond conscious thought.

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? Can you recall what you were thinking? The chances are that you manage to forget rotator for one and a half seconds and just hit the damn ball!

Here are three steps to help you conquer the insidious habit reinforced swing flaw.

Step One: Awareness

This is very important. You must be aware of the tendency automatically to look for technical flaws. Suppose you have a solid foundation, your ability to quickly “forget” a poor shot is the key to improved first.

Step Two: Break The Pattern

Developed a rapid method to interrupt the pattern of mistakes recalled. Obviously, this is easier said than done. It is important to find something simple without conscious thought. One method is to move your body in a unique way.

Step Three: Lock-In Your Best Shots

Whenever you hit a good shot, do something to enhance the feeling. You can rotate the club or hold your finish position. Do you remember the famous Tiger hand pump? The idea is to block the sensation in your nervous system, so you can recall it quickly in the future.

I hope a brief discussion about the traditional guide provides some simple guidelines to move beyond the swing. Next week, we look at the conviction that technical perfection perfect result.

A basic misconception in traditional golf teaching, is the belief that always consider swing flaws will lead to permanent improvements. This series provides a method of breaking the endless cycle of the error detection and error correction.

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