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Marshall is a center of higher education in eastern Texas. Businesses in Marshall have access to customized workforce training programs with two four-year institutions, one state technical college and one community college supplemented by high school workforce programs.

Residents have the ability to enter world-class programs like the #1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Texas at ETBU.

Students may also choose to walk the same steps taken by American civil rights activist James Farmer, a leading figure in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

The local educational institutions also have current demand-driven skills training that focuses on getting students a job, not just paying for a degree. For example, Texas State Technical College has a money-back guarantee for several programs if graduates can't find a job. With affordable educational costs of $15,000 for the program to gain a $50,000 job, the economics make sense for businesses and students alike.

Now that Marshall's colleges have engaged with dual enrollment, career technical education, and workforce readiness initiatives, the future for Marshall's education is looking bright.  Learn more about workforce development programs here.

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