Find Your Lifestyle in Marshall, Texas!

Marshall brings people into the area for a number of jobs available there today, but the quality of life is what makes them want to stay!

Looking for a city with a vibrant historical downtown that combines entertainment, museums, symphonies, the arts, boutique shopping, history, housing, & fine dining?  Looking for a city that reinvests in its quality of life amenities?  Marshall has historic buildings and streets, great restaurants, and signature events matching the historic setting. The number of arts venues and organizations allows for amateurs and experts alike to express themselves artistically or pick and grin together on Monday nights! History buffs can spend weeks in the area touring the many sites and museums offering a look into the past.

Those seeking outdoor activities will find a vast supply of lakes, rivers, and trees in the surrounding environment. The rolling hills and diverse features offer the ability to take advantage of excellent hiking, four-wheeling, camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The nearby Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge is even a UN World Heritage Site and a wonderful outdoor playground. 

Marshall offers more than just recreation opportunities. Marshall offers families the ability to find their dream home in a much more affordable fashion while also living in an area focusing on education.  It is the center of education in eastern Texas, with four institutions of higher education within the city limits. These colleges all have programs so kids can get college credit for a fraction of the cost while still in high school. 

Come visit to see how people live, work, and play in Marshall.  It's an opportunity for young and old alike to build the life they seek today!