What We Do and Why We Do It

Executive Director Statement:

“We exist to serve local businesses.  My job is to direct an organization focused on sustaining the tax base and stimulating new private investment. To do this, our EDC must work collaboratively with diverse leaders and organizations in our community.”

-Rush Harris, CEcD, Executive Director



Our primary EDC purpose is to act as an instrument of the City of Marshall in support of primary employers and primary jobs.  We must retain and grow local employment and investment.  We strive to recruit new business and investment.  In addition, we work with local, regional, state, and national partners to evaluate and plan for all aspects of economic development. We do this to maintain a holistic view of our economic landscape and foster a “create-wealth” community.  We endeavor to build inclusive participation, capacity, and leadership to improve our diverse citizens’ well-being, wealth, and opportunities.



The maintenance and growth of existing businesses in Marshall is a priority.  Our EDC exists to serve you.  Creating a diverse pro-business ecosystem that meets the dynamic needs of private investment is paramount.  To accomplish this, we believe long-term sustainable planning for education and infrastructure are primary drivers to maintain and grow the economic base. Initiatives include developing and adapting workforce development programs from youth to retirement, developing large industrial sites, and partnering with the private sector to meet the needs of economic demand.



The Marshall EDC Board of Directors is represented by five volunteer voting directors who are residents and business leaders of Harrison County, Texas.  Each may serve up to 2 consecutive 3-year terms.  Joining the board in a non-voting ex-officio capacity are the City Manager, Mayor, and Mayor Pro-tem.  The Marshall EDC Board of Directors has employed staff, including an Executive Director, who manages day-to-day activities and oversees operations.



The citizens and city council created the Marshall Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in 1991 to serve Marshall and the surrounding business community in Harrison County.  We are a Type A 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization funded through a portion of local sales tax dollars. EDCs were created through the State of Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979 with regulations as outlined by Chapters 501, 504, and 505 of the Texas Local Government Code.


More Information:

Marshall EDC is 1 of over 700 EDCs across Texas and 1 of over 12,000 economic development organizations across the United States.  Our EDC acts as an instrument of the City of Marshall while not being a government organization.  This NGO status allows the organization to engage with businesses and maintain privacy.  If funds are allocated to a project, the EDC must disclose that information to the public.  The City Council must also approve amounts over $50,000.  Marshall EDC reports to the City Council twice a year and also reports yearly financials to the Texas Comptroller’s Office.  EDC financial records, agendas, and meetings are public, shared with the City, and audited every year.  The City Manager, Mayor, and Mayor Pro-tem are ex-officio members of the EDC Board of Directors, composed of 5 volunteer voting members approved by the City Council of Marshall.  Board members must be approved by the City Council.  The board may hire paid staff at its discretion.

All businesses that make up our community are essential to Marshall EDC.  Contact us to see how we may be of service.