Discover How Far Your Dollar Goes in Marshall!

Finding a job is about so much more than the business or the work itself. Getting the most out of your income is an incredibly important part of the equation. Marshall offers a desirable Cost of Living to supplement the excellent career options. Compared to the rest of the country, Marshall's cost of living is 29.6% lower than the U.S. average. Per BestPlaces, Marshall offers a quite favorable Cost of Living comparison versus Texas and the rest of the country, as illustrated in the chart below.

Cost Of Living Marshall Texas USA
Overall 70.4 93.9 100
Grocery 90.1 93.7 100
Health 103.1 95.4 100
Housing 30.3 84.3 100
Utilities 95.2 99.2 100
Transportation 66.8 103.3 100
Miscellaneous 97 96.4 100

Marshall also compares favorably with other regional cities, as seen by the chart below, also based on BestPlaces data.

City Overall Cost Of Living
Marshall 70.4
Texarkana, TX  76.8
Shreveport, LA 77.5
Beaumont, TX 78.3
Lufkin, TX 78.4
Longview, TX 85.0