Marshall has a Successful and Innovative History for Several Target Industries!

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Marshall has a number of businesses in general manufacturing, including machining, chemical and plastics industries. One example is Lewis Engineering Co., a supplier of precision machined and stamped components. Marshall EDC provided gap financing for machinery for an opportunity the company had for a federal contract. As a result, their largest customer is now the U.S. Department of defense and the company was able to hire a number of new employees. 

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Education has always been a centerpoint of the Marshall economic landscape. With a history of education services back to the turn of the twentieth century resulting in the presence of four higher education institutions within the city limits, Marshall has an outstanding presence of undergraduate and graduate programs to technical and vocational programs. 

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Marshall’s location offers a number of advantages for business in distribution. The I-69/I-369 Corridor offers quick and simple access to Mexico and all major markets in Texas. An example is Channel Control Merchants, the owner of retailer Dirt Cheap, which committed to leasing 325,000 square feet of a Marshall building for distribution to Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The project is reported to bring 500 new jobs and about $2 million in capital investment. The Marshall EDC will provide $255,000 in incentives for investment in signage, job fair promotion and employee retention through Channel Control Merchants’ job incentive program. 

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Business Process Outsourcing

Contracting standard business functions to third-parties allows for companies to focus on their strengths. Businesses featuring such services have found Marshall an excellent area for their Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO. An excellent example is Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) of Texas. For more than 20 years, Marshall has been home to one of BCBS’ largest service centers with more than 500 employees. The Marshall EDC has worked together with BCBS providing assistance to members, increasing involvement in the local community and recruiting and retaining top talent, while providing competitive salaries and benefits, and opportunities for advancement for employees.

Other businesses have found Marshall to be a willing area to partner with for success. Seven Networks, a developer of innovative software solutions, came to Marshall from Silicon Valley due to the quality workforce and cost-effective business space. Eltec, a world-class provider of engineered traffic systems and solar-powered solutions, has found advantages in the large regional pools of potential workers to pull from for staffing an organization. When Eltec needed assistance with new product development and training, Marshall EDC provided financing so they could get the training they needed.

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East Texas has an extensive past in the oil and gas industries. That historical knowledge and experience has translated well to the rising green industries, such as distribution of solar and wind energy products. In addition, the area surrounding Marshall has a large amount of available land for alternative energies, such as wind power.