The “WE Align” Group, short for Workforce and Education Alignment Group, is a hometown initiative. The purpose is basic but essential:

"To increase communication between our industries and our educators, to better serve each other."

Career & Technical Education

Marshall ISD has heard that communication and is on a mission to further our kids toward growing opportunities through Career & Technical Education (CTE).


More about WE Align

Marshall EDC formed and launched the WE Align group with the mission of working to achieve educational and workforce alignment in Marshall.  WE Align isn’t a one-off project or meeting.  It’s designed to be ever-changing.  One of the goals of WE Align is to have an ongoing and growing conversation including multiple stakeholders.  Periodic monthly meetings are discussions.  Since fall 2021, the group has included an increasing number of businesses, educators, and workforce development specialists.  Workforce Solutions East Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission are both actively participating now and working with the WE Align group to find resources to meet the needs of a skilled laborforce and the funds to assist in the education of those skills.  By communicating skills needs and educational opportunities, the WE Align group is making strides to better educate, train, and retain the future local workforce within their community.

WE Align requires conversation and collaboration between educational institutions and industries.  Marshall’s independent school district and Marshall’s four institutions of higher education, namely Texas State Technical College, Panola College – Marshall, Wiley College, and East Texas Baptist University, are actively engaged.  So are private and public business sectors including manufacturing, health, retail, distribution, professional services, construction, and government amongst others.

WE Align Workforce Programs in Marshall, Texas

Workforce and educational programs within a community are essential for sustainable economic growth.  Marshall EDC seeks to provide and/or connect efficient and effective economic development opportunities to the community for upskilling and achieving higher wages, gaining mobility, and increasing quality of life.

At the most recent WE Align luncheon, Workforce Solutions East Texas presented a number of state workforce programs that both industry and educators can take advantage of now.  Several of these programs are listed below:

Upcoming WE Align Meeting

Are you looking for more ways to help the local Marshall, Texas community?  If you would like to celebrate Economic Development Week and help spread the word about economic development programs in the area, there are plenty of options to choose from.  For instance, you can join WE Align at an upcoming event!

WE Align members and those wanting to learn more can attend Rural, Set, Go: Boost! on May 24th at The Marshall Grand from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. hosted by Workforce Solutions East Texas and sponsored by Marshall EDC.  There will be an informational and a networking forum to discuss the needs of the current workforce.  Topics of interest will include skills gaps and the goal of keeping our skilled workers within the Harrison County area.

Businesses, education leaders, independent school districts, community leaders, and organizations in Harrison County are welcome to attend Rural, Set, Go: Boost! Your thoughts and opinions will be crucial in discussing the future of the Marshall workforce.

For more Marshall-based workforce and training questions, please contact Marshall EDC today.